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There are two playable factions in the game: Empire and Rebellion. Tough a lot of units are equivalent (name change only) or even identical, some differences are more subtle. This page will attempt to be a rough guide to the differences between factions.

Mercenary units

All mercenary units are identical between factions.

Infantry units

Infantry units are supposed to be better for the Rebellion.

There are no differences between these units:

  • Soldier/Stormtrooper
  • Ithorian/Kubaz

Minor differences between these units, advantage to the Empire, compensated by the fact that the healer unit for Rebels is not an unlockable unit :

  • Wookie/Dark Stormtrooper: advantage to the Empire UC4 vs UC5, but Wookies don't get +25% on their stats (more like +10%).
  • XWing Pilot/TIE Pilot: these unlockable units are almost identical, the bombings are identical (an XWing shot is a bit longer but the damage is identical in the end), the TIE Pilot does a bit more damage (but this is usually not their main use). Also, the XWing Pilot has a weird upgrade time (less than one hour, zero for the TIE Pilot, probably a bad copy/paste from the devs) and a weird behavior at level 5 (favors turrets instead of resource buildings).
  • Iakaru/IG86: a bit more health (8%) and damage (0.6%) for the Empire.

Minor differences between these units:

  • Pathfinder/Scout: no clear advantage. Scout is half the UC, but half damages and half health. These units are rather useless at high level anyway.

Minor differences between these units, with a small advantage to the Rebellion:

  • Vanguard/Shock: the Rebel version has about +9% more damage. Also, the Shock has a different pathing behaviour at level 1 (only).

TODO: Bantha/Dewback, Healer droid (med, repair, astromedic, Treadwell), heavy soldiers, sharpshooter/sniper, jet/jump)


At low level, Imperial vehicles are more efficient and available very early.

TODO: all


At low level, Rebel heroes are more efficient and available very early.

TODO: all


The Rebel Rapid Fire Turret does roughly 50% more damage per second (calculated DPS at prestige: 1478 vs 930), but shoots more slowly.

TODO: check the other ones


As far as we know, non-turrets buildings are identical from one faction to the other. They are different in graphics, but identical from the internal

TODO: really check