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The Rebel Alliance is one of two factions available to players in Star Wars: Commander. The Rebels are known for their heavy utilization of infantry such as the stalwart wookie warriors and notable heroes such as Luke Skywalker. The player's in-game Rebel emissary is Jennica Pierce , and along with sympathizer Saponza they make up the NPCs that deliver tutorials and story to the player.


The Rebellion's primary advantage is the strength of their infantry. The hero command is also available at headquarters level 2 whereas the Empire faction does not have access until headquarters level 4. The medic droid which restores health to infantry is exclusive to the Rebel faction. As a result of superior infantry, most rebel troops typically have a higher unit capacity than their Empire counterparts. In addition, Rebel vehicles are often weaker than their Imperial equivalents. Because many Rebel commanders rely heavily on infantry, defending Imperial bases tend to utilize plenty of burst turrets, proton mortars and anti-infantry traps.


Each base is comprised of various buildings. Creating buildings and leveling them up unlocks new units, adds features, and increases building stats.

Defense Traps Army Resource Other

Basic Units

These units are unlocked through creating and upgrading buildings. Mercenaries and droidekas are available to both factions.

Troops Vehicles Starships Heroes

Special Units

These units have limited availability and can only be unlocked or upgraded during planetary conflicts and other special events. All special units are in parity with the Empire faction.

Troops Vehicles Mercenaries Starships Heroes



Equipment enhances other units and is available through the armory. All equipment is in parity with the Empire faction.

Buildings Turrets Guard Reserve

Troops Vehicles Heroes Starships Samples