Strix Beacon (Rebel)

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This beacon helps Saponza identify where to deploy the exotic animal he currently has captured in the hold of the Strix.
Strix Beacon (Rebel)
Faction Rebel
Type Trap
Armor Type Trap
Drop Unit

Splash Damage %
Trigger Radius 8 Tiles
Don't trigger at {{{triggerexcludearmor}}}

Stats and Upgrades

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Health 2,500 3,750 4,500 6,000 7,250 8,500 9,750 11,000 12,250 13,500
Build Time 5s 1d 2d 3d 4d 5d 6d 1w 1w 1w
Build Cost Contraband.png 170,000 200,000 230,000 275,000 320,000 370,000 420,000 500,000 585,000 690,000
Unit count {{{unitcount1}}} {{{unitcount2}}} {{{unitcount3}}} {{{unitcount4}}} {{{unitcount5}}} {{{unitcount6}}} {{{unitcount7}}} {{{unitcount8}}} {{{unitcount9}}} {{{unitcount10}}}
Rearm Cost 16px 4d 3h30m 3h 2h30m 2h15m 2h 1h45m 1h30m 1h15m 1h
Upgrade Cost Noimage.png {{{upcost1}}} {{{upcost3}}} {{{upcost4}}} {{{upcost5}}} {{{upcost6}}} {{{upcost7}}} {{{upcost8}}} {{{upcost9}}} {{{upcost10}}}
Upgrade Time {{{uptime1}}} {{{uptime2}}} {{{uptime3}}} {{{uptime4}}} {{{uptime5}}} {{{uptime6}}} {{{uptime7}}} {{{uptime8}}} {{{uptime9}}} {{{uptime10}}}
Base Score 30 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
Units Dropped
Dropped Units Level

Object Modifier
Default Building {{{dmod_building}}}%
Storage {{{dmod_storage}}}%
Resource {{{dmod_resource}}}%
Headquarters {{{dmod_hq}}}%
Object Modifier
Turret {{{dmod_turret}}}%
Shield {{{dmod_shield}}}%
Shield Generator {{{dmod_shieldgenerator}}}%
Trap {{{dmod_trap}}}%
Wall {{{dmod_wall}}}%
Troops & Vehicles
Object Modifier
Infantry {{{dmod_infantry}}}%
Infantry (bruiser) {{{dmod_bruiserinfantry}}}%
Infantry (flier) {{{dmod_flierinfantry}}}%
Infantry (healer) {{{dmod_healerinfantry}}}%
Vehicle {{{dmod_vehicle}}}%
Vehicle (bruiser) {{{dmod_bruiservehicle}}}%
Droideka {{{dmod_droideka}}}%
Object Modifier
Hero Infantry {{{dmod_heroinfantry}}}%
Hero Infantry (bruiser) {{{dmod_herobruiserinfantry}}}%
Hero Vehicle {{{dmod_herobruiservehicle}}}%
Hero Vehicle (bruiser) {{{dmod_herobruiservehicle}}}%