Salvaged AT-Hauler

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The Alliance puts salvaged AT-haulers to work on the battlefield, dropping heavy armor payloads at any unshielded location. Deploys two AAT-1 Hover Tanks at Level 1, upgrades to one Juggernaut at Level 6. (Research AT-hauler further to increase deployed vehicles' level.)
Salvaged AT-Hauler
Faction Rebel
Requirements 32 Data fragments.png
Drop Unit [[{{{dropunit}}}]]

Splash Damage %
Favorite Target None
Unit Capacity 12

Stats and Upgrades

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Prestige
Damage {{{damage1}}} {{{damage2}}} {{{damage3}}} {{{damage4}}} {{{damage5}}} {{{damage6}}} {{{damage7}}} {{{damage8}}} {{{damage9}}} {{{damage10}}} {{{damage11}}}
Unit count 2x AAT-1 Hover Tank LV3 2x AAT-1 Hover Tank LV4 2x AAT-1 Hover Tank LV5 2x AAT-1 Hover Tank LV6 2x AAT-1 Hover Tank LV7 1x Juggernaut LV6 1x Juggernaut LV7 1x Juggernaut LV8 1x Juggernaut LV9 1x Juggernaut LV10 1x Juggernaut LVP
Training Time 27m 27m 34m30s 34m30s 41m30s 41m30s 49m 49m 56m30s 1h 1h3m30s
Training Cost Credits.png 8,565 9,990 11,400 12,830 14,265 15,690 17,100 18,530 19,965 21,390 22,815
Upgrade Cost Data fragments.png 32 28 30 40 50 60 70 90 120 160 220
Upgrade Time 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s
Units Dropped {{{dropunits1}}} {{{dropunits2}}} {{{dropunits3}}} {{{dropunits4}}} {{{dropunits5}}} {{{dropunits6}}} {{{dropunits7}}} {{{dropunits8}}} {{{dropunits9}}} {{{dropunits10}}} {{{dropunits11}}}
Dropped Units Level {{{dropunitlevel1}}} {{{dropunitlevel2}}} {{{dropunitlevel3}}} {{{dropunitlevel4}}} {{{dropunitlevel5}}} {{{dropunitlevel6}}} {{{dropunitlevel7}}} {{{dropunitlevel8}}} {{{dropunitlevel9}}} {{{dropunitlevel10}}} {{{dropunitlevel11}}}

Damage Multipliers

Object Modifier
Default Building 0%
Storage 0%
Resource 0%
Headquarters 0%
Object Modifier
Turret 0%
Shield 0%
Shield Generator 0%
Trap 0%
Wall 0%
Troops & Vehicles
Object Modifier
Infantry 0%
Infantry (bruiser) 0%
Infantry (flier) 0%
Infantry (healer) 0%
Vehicle 0%
Vehicle (bruiser) 0%
Droideka 0%
Object Modifier
Hero Infantry 0%
Hero Infantry (bruiser) 0%
Hero Vehicle 0%
Hero Vehicle (bruiser) 0%